Everything from hedge trimming to land clearing in the Bay of Plenty

Safely remove or maintain dangerous trees and rejuvenate your garden space with the help of Tree Fellers, your professional local arborists. Operating in and around the wider Bay of Plenty, we can handle all tree services, including hedge trimming, land clearing and much more. For further information regarding our services please have a look at our FAQ section.

Q: Do you completely remove Palm Trees and their fronds ?
A: Yes we remove them down to ground level, chip and cart away and we can also grind the stump to just below the soil level if desired.

Q: Do you undertake Fruit tree pruning ?
A: Yes certainly, our qualified team are experienced in all aspects of tree work including the delicate work of fruit tree pruning.

Q: Do you supply chip/mulch for our gardens and trees ?
A: Another yes, please call as most of the time we offer FREE delivery of garden mulch in most area's of the BOP.

Q: Can you call around and offer a FREE quote for our complete garden maintenance please.
A: Most definitely, please make contact.

Q: We have hedges both large and small, do you do hedge trimming.
A: Yes we can undertake both small delicate hedge trimming and large hedge or shelter belt trimming, topping etc.


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